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Car Journalist

I am a passionate, self-confessed car addict who has been driving since the age of 17. I have owned more than thirty cars – one of which was brand new. I have also test driven countless other makes and models, and have always had my eye on the used car market, its highs and lows, as well as being on hand for friends and family when they needed advice on purchasing a used car.

Buying a used car is often the second most expensive purchase you will make. My goal is to educate you and make sure you don’t throw your money away on a lemon!

I want to share with you the wealth of information and experience I have gathered over the years of first-hand buying and selling of used cars. It’s basically your online resource into the many different facets and approaches to buying used cars, personal car advice, buying and selling tips and tricks, and my own unbiased car reviews. If only I had this sort of information when I got my license and started my own journey into buying cars.


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