Pickup Truck

The Advantages of Buying a Pickup Truck

They have been around for decades, but they are uber cool at the moment and for good reason. Their versatility for carting goods around while not compromising on height and cab space gives these sporty looking beasts a great leg up when thinking of your next used car. So read on to find out how these pickup trucks can fit into your lifestyle.

The Coolest Practical Cars

7 of the Coolest Practical Cars on the Used Car Market

When you hear the word ‘practical’ being used in relation to cars, what do you instantly think of? Perhaps a boring run-of-the-mill design wrapped up in a plain white exterior that no-one looks at as it drives down the street. Perhaps you don’t want to be noticed, but you also don’t have to buy a ‘Plain Jane’. Sure, a sports car may not be a practical choice, but take a look at what you can get for practicality, and make your next purchase a ‘cool’ choice.