Wagon Car

10 Ultra Cool Comeback Wagons

Wagons are a part of our car culture, featured in films like National Lampoons ‘Vacation’, and make for a great surfing vehicle. They have also been used for decades as the preferred Sales Rep car traveling from one end of the country to the other. While SUV’s and Cross-Over cars are making their mark on the car scene, the humble wagon has taken a back seat – but no more. Wagons are making a comeback, so let’s take a look at ten of the best wagons on the used car market in no particular order.

Ford Mondeo/Ford Fusion

Car Review: Ford Mondeo/Fusion (2007-2019)

Available as a four-door sedan, five-door hatchback, or five-door wagon, the Mondeo/Fusion offers great value for money with tons of trunk space and of being a stylish work-horse. It also saw sporty good looks and some real style come to the fore both inside and out.

The Coolest Practical Cars

7 of the Coolest Practical Cars on the Used Car Market

When you hear the word ‘practical’ being used in relation to cars, what do you instantly think of? Perhaps a boring run-of-the-mill design wrapped up in a plain white exterior that no-one looks at as it drives down the street. Perhaps you don’t want to be noticed, but you also don’t have to buy a ‘Plain Jane’. Sure, a sports car may not be a practical choice, but take a look at what you can get for practicality, and make your next purchase a ‘cool’ choice.