Honda Civic

Motoring Classics: Honda Civic

When we discuss the history of the iconic Honda Civic, we are not just talking about a car. We are talking about a motoring classic that revolutionized the automotive industry. It is a story that begins in the late 1960s, a time when the world was rapidly changing. Japan saw the need for more fuel-efficient cars at the time, and Honda Civic was born out of this era of change, an era defined by the demand for more efficient and reliable transportation. So, how did the Honda Civic become a motoring classic? Read on and find out.

Honda Civic Type R

Car Review: Honda Civic Type R (2017-2021)

Appearing in new car dealerships across America for the first time on 14 June 2017, the Civic Type R instantly turned heads with its brash new remodeling and a new world record for front-wheel drive cars with a lap time of 7:43.80 achieved at the Grand-Prix racing track in Nurburgring, Germany. With a solid history of reliability behind them and a much larger body, the guys at Honda have produced the best version Type R so far, and have achieved what I see as a full-proof future classic. So what’s it like? Read on to find out.