Branded Title

What is a Branded Title?

You’re looking through the used car adverts online and come across a car that looks too good to be true at a very low price. However, you notice in the seller’s comments that it has a ‘branded’, ‘rebuilt’ or ‘salvage’ title. So what exactly are they? Read on to find out.

Good Mechanic

Finding a Good, Honest Reliable Mechanic

Just like a doctor, a mechanic is someone we need to be able to trust to look after the health of our car, not just for when something goes wrong, but also for regular check-ups and a consistent service history if and when you decide to sell your car onto someone else. So what do you need to know, and how do you go about finding one? I’ve identified some basics to help you get a clearer idea.

Repair Or Replace?

Repair Or Replace?

Have you already got a car that your parents gave you or that you bought from your first job saving up? Has it reached that point where you either put in more money to save it from the scrapyard or put that money and more towards a better car? Well. Let’s look at the stats…