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10 Awesome Classic Cars Under $10,000

There are so many makes and models of vehicle on the used car market, it can be overwhelming sometimes. However, if you have your heart set on a retro classic from last century with less than 100,000 miles for under $10k, then check out this list of awesome barn-finds. Always check that the mileage listed is the actual mileage as many older models don’t have the extra digit for hundred-thousand on the odometer. Note the images are not of the actual vehicle for sale, but to show what the car actually looks like.

1985 Jaguar XJS 2-Door Coupe

Jaguar XJS

Coated in luxurious red, this 3-speed automatic coupe is in excellent condition with only 48,363 miles on the odometer and a massive V12 5.3 liter engine under the long front bonnet. The black leather interior is in great condition with no tears or cracks, and the chrome side mirrors and bumpers are polished to perfection. This was an expensive luxury car in its day, but you can have it all for only $6,977 drive away. Wow!

1970 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

Everyone loves an iconic classic. This supreme pale yellow version is in awesome condition featuring newly upholstered seats, door panels, and carpets, updated steering wheel, new tires, new exhaust, ignition update, new door locks and keys, and pristine exterior. It has a clean title, 96,000 original miles, and a 4-speed manual – all for $9,996. 

1982 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

Chevrolet Corvette

One of the coolest cruising cars around, the iconic Corvette is a real head-turner. Amazingly, the model I found has power-steering as well as a 5.7 liter V8 engine, ‘Maroon Red’ exterior, clean ‘Tan’ interior with original leather seats and trim, 87,829 miles on the clock, and big Cooper Cobra Radial GT tires for $9,995 drive away.

1992 Chevrolet G20 Van

Chevrolet G2O

Looking for your next adventure at Camp Chrystal Lake? Then you can’t go past this awesome retro Chevrolet van. It’s full of features including a monogram high-top conversion, rear convertible bed folding up into 3 seats which make 7 overall, fiberglass running boards, custom high-back seats in first two rows, plenty of windows, 5.7 liter V8 engine, and a cool paint job consisting of varying stripes in blue with a white base. It has a clean auto-check and 88,895 miles onboard for a low $6,999. 

1983 Porsche 944 Coupe

Porsche 944

If you thought you couldn’t get a Porsche with great mileage under 10k, think again. This 1983 ‘Flash Red’ 5-speed manual 944 has just 72,929 miles, original great condition tan and brown interior, original Porsche floor mats, pop-up lights reminiscent of the great 80’s, comfy plush seats, and rear boot spoiler coming in just under budget at $9,995.

1985/1987 Jaguar XJ6

Jaguar XJ6

Here’s an interesting proposition. A dealer that specializes in classic and luxury cars has not one, but two Jaguar XJ6 4-door sedans for sale. Both look in great condition from the multitude of photos provided, including underneath the chassis. Both have a sunroof, 4.6 liter V6 engine, and well-looked after interior. Both have been garaged. The only differences are the two-year gap, the minimal 9,105 miles driven, and the price. The 1985 model has a cream/tan exterior with brown leather interior and a lower 55,867 miles on the clock for $9,900, while the newer 1987 silver model with maroon interior has 64,972 miles traveled for only $8,900. Hard choice, so I guess it would come down to color combination and a closer look over both vehicles.

1981 Mercedes-Benz 380SL

Mercedes-Benz 380SL

Featured in TV shows throughout the 70’s and 80’s including ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Hart to Hart’, the stylish and popular 380SL convertible is a true ‘Hollywood’ classic. With an automatic, 3.8 liter V8 engine under the bonnet, beautifully finished ‘Sky Blue’ exterior and ‘Retro Grey’ interior leather seats and door cards, as well as the solidly reliable hard-top, this little beauty is great value at $6,995 with only 88,600 miles driven.

1979 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

A true American classic, this Thunderbird is an immaculate condition considering its age. If you’re a fan of green, then this would suit you down to the ground. Not only is it green on the exterior, but also inside on the seats, carpets, dashboard, and door cards. There are no tears or stains on the comfortably plump seats or the carpets, no cracks on the dashboard or door cards, and no damage on the original steering wheel. The wooden inlay is in great, all ‘Thunderbird’ badges are in-tact (although the interior one could do with a polish), with 20,845 miles and stick-shift transmission, you can pick this beauty up for $8,990.

1992 Mazda MX5 Miata

Mazda MX5 Miata

This is one of the more modern, popular classics built for two. Automatic and rear-wheel drive, this small ‘Firetruck Red’ soft-top convertible will slice through country roads and handle corners with ease. Mazda reliability makes this a real contender with only 68,800 miles, a clean title, and pop-up head-lights for $8,900.   

1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Now, here’s pure elegance for you, rarely seen in this price range. The reason I’m telling you about this one is because it has potential – especially if you think laterally. Okay, it has a mechanical problem which you need to discuss further with the dealer, and is in need of some new door seals and driver’s side-mirror glass, but if you have the extra funds, you could update this beauty with not much effort. The good news, and there is a lot of it, is that this ‘Silver Spirit’ is in rust-free exceptional exterior condition with bonnet ornament, has a sunroof, a good title, good condition burgundy leather seats and carpets, great condition walnut dash, one of the smoothest rides a car can offer, huge amount of trunk space, and 38,167 miles listed. The engine is a V8 6.8 liter turbo and the transmission is naturally automatic. The dealer is luckily a supplier of automotive parts who sources parts available for this model, and they have a team of mechanics with over 25 years of experience each! So a conversation could be had to find out more before buying. This could be an answer to either extra or full-time income to help pay for the upkeep and earn a living in the long run hiring yourself as a chauffeur for weddings, airport runs, parties, etc. Okay, what’s the price? A mere $6,795.     

There are plenty of vehicles available from yesteryear, and you’d be surprised how many actually end up listed through online auctions such as Hemmings and Ebay. This is where you could potentially pick up a real bargain, but you have to do your homework, ask for any service history records and take a look over the vehicle in person (or get a qualified mechanic to do so) as you can’t test drive the vehicle. Check out my article for more inside tips on what to look for when checking a car in person. Read articles, advice, or reviews on the certain make and model to get a better idea of any potential problems to look out for as well as the handling of the vehicle. This also applies when buying outright through a private seller or dealer. Going private ensures you get first-hand knowledge from the owner of past service records, actual mileage, how the car has been kept, what work has been done, and what potentially needs doing in the near future. Most of all, I love to hear stories of where the car has been, what events it attended, and if anyone famous has been inside for a ride. You will be noticed and proud to be the owner of a rare car, but you also need to take into consideration the rarity and cost of parts available, as well as the cost of servicing and repairs.

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