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10 Awesome Road Trip Games for Adults

Okay. So you are going to be driving for hours at a time – why not take it to the next level and get to know your passengers more with these fun-filled fact finders on your next auto adventure.

Darkest Secrets
Darkest Secrets

Darkest Secrets – The revelation game. This can be as tame or as revealing as you wish. You could start with something light like admitting to a particular song or musician you love that may not seem as cool to anyone around you, or a secret crush you had from school. You could discuss the weirdest dreams you ever had or confess to something you tried in the past. You could even divulge the strangest things you have looked for on the internet. Let your imagination run riot.


Superheroes Cosplay – A game where you and your present company come up with your own ‘Superhero’, what you’d wear, and most importantly what super powers you would possess. You could limit this to one, two, or three superpowers – and find out why these traits were chosen. Be as detailed as you want. You could even add a ‘sidekick’ and how they would help you in your quest.

After Dark – Do you harvest a secret passion or personality to become someone in your imagination? Different from ‘Superheroes’, this game lets you come up with who you would become if you had the chance – no superpowers involved.


Tattoo It – Whether or not you or your passengers have tatts, this is about finding out what you would have done in the future, where on your body it would go, and the significance of it. You could also do this with body piercings. Step it up by taking some henna ink or tattoo transfers with you on the road trip to ramp it up a notch and experiment with different patterns and designs.

Road Trip Music

Music Mania – So this is the ‘Category’ game. This is where everyone has to come up with as many songs as they can think of from that category. You could pick a genre, a year, a decade, a country, girl groups, boy bands, divas, quirky songs, tunes from soundtracks, or one-hit wonders. Someone may have to check if songs are actually one hit wonders on their phone for the last suggestion to avoid arguments. You can also come up with song titles about topics like days of the week, cars and road trips, animals, colors, cities, seasons, weather, religion, numbers, money, inspiration, fashion – you get the idea. Or you could have a laugh over ‘misheard lyrics’ – everyone has their own take on what they thought they heard from certain songs when they were growing up.

Movie Madness – This is where you can showcase your knowledge about movies. The most obvious category here is ‘road trips’, but you can choose any genre. Get your passengers to come up with and discuss what part of those films they loved or found the funniest, or the most shocking. You could also choose to discuss the career of a particular actor/actress with their best or most memorable performances. Take this to the next level by revealing what character you’d like to play and how you’d change it up.

Road Trip Game

Back Seat Driver

Pick a car on the road and study the occupants as you drive past, or in front of, or behind. Now make up a narrative about their connection to each other, their hobbies, their jobs or study, and who they remind you of. Give them names and decide where they are going and what the reason is. You never know, it may make a great basis for an intriguing film script.

The Confessional

This is a great game to begin part way through your journey away from the comforts of home. Advance preparation before the trip is essential so everyone knows their character and has time to make up and rehearse their story in detail so it appears life-like and not funny. After you have had a pit stop somewhere and are back on the road again, start a conversation beginning with ‘Now that we’re all together, I’d like to confess something. All of you have done something in your past that you weren’t proud of.  All of you think this is made up…and yes, all of us have made up a crime…except one’. This is where the catch is – none of them knew this would come out of your mouth. Each person in turn has to confess to their horrid crime. The other passengers can ask questions so make sure everyone knows their plot. After everyone has revealed their deepest, darkest secret, it’s time to guess who is lying and who is telling the truth. Of course, once everyone has decided who must be the ‘real deal’, it’s up to you to reveal that no-one is. Then everyone can relax and laugh it off. Perhaps have a treat for the most believable participant.

Ideal Car

A Car Match Made In Heaven

Ask your passengers to come up with their ideal car if price and origin was no obstacle. It can include as much detail as you want – make, model, year or era, color (both inside and out), body type, engine size, accessories etc. Would it be a classic, a project, an overseas car, or a new build? Would it be to live in like a tiny house on wheels, a pimped out van or high-top station wagon with velvet upholstery, a ‘Bond’ car with your own gadgets and inventions, or a concept car that hasn’t seen the factory floor yet. Let your minds explore the possible and impossible in this fun game.

The Narnia Complex

Everyone has their own idea of what the ideal world would look like right? Well it’s time to fess up what each person would include in their vision. Kick it off by getting everyone to take it in turns with ‘…I found a door in my wardrobe and it lead to…’ Let’s get details here.

Remember to have fun, and if you’re artistic and imaginative, make up some of your own – it may just start a new trend.

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