15 Reasons Secondhand Sedans Are The Best Value Cars On The Market Today

BMW Sedan

You read it right! The once popular sedan or saloon has plummeted in popularity in favor of small hatchbacks and bigger SUV’s. Why?

It’s like a house. Everyone wants the trendy ‘open-plan’ living area. Well, the same thing is happening in cars, except the value of a used sedan or saloon has dropped enough to make this a serious consideration when purchasing a used vehicle.

The sedan or saloon is basically made up of three main sections: The engine up front, the main passenger cabin area, and the rear boot/luggage space. Hatchbacks and SUV’s take away the need for the third section, thus reducing the separation and allowing more flexibility with cabin space.

So what is the difference then between a sedan and a saloon? Well, a sedan in the past has typically been a smaller car both in size and luxury, whereas the saloon was a larger, more luxurious version with all the bells and whistles. However, over the last forty years, the lines have become blurred with sedans becoming larger and both offering luxury features in one form or another.

If you don’t mind or love the look of a sedan or saloon, then you’re off to a good start.

Infiniti Sedan

So let’s take a look at what you get.

  • Value for money. Much lower in price than other body types on the market.
  • All round visibility. I’ve been in hatchbacks and SUV’s where visibility is an issue.
  • Their low weight to ground ratio means they are still the best for safety and stability.
  • Surprisingly, you can fit roughly the same amount of stuff into a sedan than in an SUV depending on model comparison, and usually more than a hatchback.
  • Sedans come in all brand name shapes and sizes from all the leading car manufacturers.
  • They have the same or more variation of engines as their equivalent hatchback or station wagon versions.
  • They also have the same or better features offered by such models.
  • Known brand name European cars with all the bells and whistles such as Mercedes Benz, Saab, and BMW usually drop the most in price, so there are bargains aplenty to be snapped up.
  • Parts are usually widely available for the more popular models.
  • Sedans are more economical compared to SUV’s, minivans and larger wagons.
  • It’s easier to hand wash a sedan or saloon than a high reaching SUV.
  • There are some great classics out there if you do your research.
  • Sedans and saloons have a rock solid history.
  • Great project cars to pick up at a cheap price.
  • They can hide unwanted smells from shoes or items if stored in the boot.

Now just think about that last point. If you’ve been playing sport, bush walking, or have stepped in a cow pat or other animal poo and there’s nowhere to wash it off or have filthy clothes, it would be easy to dump them in the boot away from the main cabin area until you get home. The same applies to home cooked meals topped with parmesan cheese or any other cooking odor. Put it in a box and stick it in the boot.

Alfa Romeo Sedan

Sedans represent great value whichever way you look at it, and just because they’re not the latest trend doesn’t mean they are any less reliable or ideal for your needs or budget. If you’re concerned about spatial awareness and all the stuff you want to cram into a vehicle, test out a sedan by going to a dealer with your measurements or take your actual gear, and see for yourself. Just make sure you research the type of sedan that would accommodate these needs first.

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