Reasons to Buy a Car

21 Awesome Reasons to Choose a Car over Public Transport

Reasons to Buy a Car

I could just post pictures of awesome cars here, but let’s list the awesome reasons as well. There are people who don’t want to own a car and prefer to walk, cycle, or take public transport. However, I don’t see them rocking up to a drive-in movie or being comfortable in a nice car seat instead of a bicycle or bus seat. I’ve been through the hassle of walking a fast 20 minutes to a train station, then catching 2 trains that didn’t always link up on time, then another 10 minute walk just to get to work. Having to carry a bag around with umbrella, water bottles, jackets, hat to protect against the sun, and other clothes if I wanted to go to the gym or go out after work. And then having to predict what time the last train would be that I could take to link with the other one – nightmare.

So I’ve compiled a sure-fire list of reasons to get your own wheels.

Reasons to Buy a Car
  • Go anywhere, anytime compared to set public transport schedules
  • Space compared to congested public transport
  • Safety compared to walking the streets alone
  • Explore new parts of the country at your ease
  • Convenient for grocery or other shopping trips
  • Ready to go at your doorstep with no waiting time
  • Available for emergencies
  • Pick up or drop off friends or family from the airport
  • Heating or cooling for optimum comfort on your journey
  • Go to drive-in movies
  • Avoid sick people on public transport
  • Always guaranteed a seat unlike public transport
  • Essential when starting a family to get to doctors’ appointments
  • Wake up later instead of early for walking and public transport
  • Catching multiple transport links that may not overlap due to lateness
  • Drive to where you want to go instead of getting off at the next stop and walking
  • Join a car club and be part of a community
  • Unable to board public transport due to overcrowding
  • Not knowing why a bus, train or tram has not turned up
  • You can add your own personal touches to a car
  • Road Trips

You may have even more reasons to want your own drive. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone, but it’s handy to have a list if someone wants a debate.

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