Audi A5

Car Review: Audi A5 Coupe (2007-2016)

Want a car that turns heads? Then look no further. This classy, chic Audi A5 coupe has plenty of space, reliability, and is still being made today.

Audi A5

The Good

1. Solid, well-built Audi design

2. Comfortable quality interior, and enjoyable to drive

3. A variety of engine sizes to choose from

4. Cabriolet option available

5. Six airbags for great safety

6. Quattro versions offer more control on slippery roads

7. Turns heads – expect compliments on your ‘nice wheels’

8. Great adjustable seating position with adjustable steering wheel height and reach

9. Wind, road, and engine noise is kept low due to the well-insulated interior

10. Large trunk that will swallow up a couple of suitcases and rear seats fold down

11. Plenty of space in the front seats

12. 2.0T (Turbo) has great fuel economy

13. Comes with parking sensors and rear parking camera

14. Check out no less than 10 speakers that accompany the stereo…enough said

15. Available as a four door coupe as well for extra rear passenger seat space and accessibility

Audi A5 Coupe
Audi A5

The Bad

1. Like most two door coupes, there is limited head and legroom in the rear seats – but it’s a coupe!

2. Visibility from different angles can be hard

3. Not as reactive as a BMW 4-Series on steering, but still a safe and solid car

4. Cabriolet version only comes in a soft top

5. Not the fastest kid on the block, but get the top end 6 cylinder 3.2 liter version, and you’ll feel some power underfoot – even if it costs a little more in fuel

The Essentials

Sit in the drivers’ seat (which is quite low) and check out all angles from the rear view and side view mirrors to decide if you can confidently handle and park this beauty. Also, do your research on the various engine sizes, body kit and accessories, and which model would suit your driving style. Make sure if buying a convertible to test out the soft top, and when down, check out the room left over in the trunk for luggage or shopping. This car comes with a great stereo and 10 speaker system, so make sure you test it out, checking all speakers work and are in awesome condition.

The Alternatives

Mercedes Benz CLK Class (2007-2010), Mercedes Benz E-Class (2010-Present), Infiniti 350GT (2003-2007), and the BMW 4-Series (2014-Present)

The Verdict (Out of Ten)

9 out of 10

While there are coupes around that react faster, the Audi A5 has nailed it when it comes to stylish good looks, luxurious comfort, and being a safe, solid choice – due to the great Audi reputation for producing quality cars. Having driven on the Autobahn, I have experienced first-hand how this car can open up to great speeds. In fact, most of the fastest cars on the Autobahn were Audi’s. When you think about it, how often would you really be taking a car to the limit – especially when there are so many speed restrictions in place. Take one for a test drive – you won’t regret it.

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