Road Trip

Essential Car Prep for any Road Trip

Road Trip

Congrats! It’s YOUR time to hit the road either on your own, with a partner, with friends, or with family. It’s a road trip on your terms, your adventure, and at your pace. Road trips allow you to stop and explore places along the way that you never knew existed. From small towns and villages to waterfalls and secluded beaches that are off the beaten track, the excitement and passion for adventure beats any coach tour hands down. Even if it isn’t your first time, there are always new experiences to be had on your journey. Prepare ahead now so you can chill and enjoy your next ride to the fullest.

The Car

Car Service
  • Get a major service done on your car a week or two before leaving in case anything needs doing where time is involved
  • Ensure your tires (even the spare) have plenty of tread and have the right air pressure
  • Buy and fit any accessories you may need ahead of time (weeks ahead if ordering online) such as roof racks, tow bars, spot lights, roadside emergency kits, etc.
  • Wash, vacuum, and de-clutter your car before packing
  • Keep the car instruction manual handy either in the glove box or under the front seat
  • Registration and Insurance should be up to date and available should you need them securely in a safe place
  • Cover yourself with 24-Hour Roadside Assistance if any unforeseen circumstance arises
  • GPS Navigation and leads, as well as printed maps in case car or phone devices break down
  • Car charger and cradle for your mobile phone
  • An extra set of car keys
  • Tire chains and an ice scraper if you are traveling in ski season through snowy conditions
  • Cash and coins for parking or tolls where card facilities aren’t available
  • Extra can of gas (petrol) in case you get lost and run out
  • A 2 liter bottle of tap water (or coolant) in case of overheating or needing to be topped up
  • 2 or more pairs of sunglasses
  • Blankets
  • A couple of torches with new batteries
  • First Aid Kit (including antiseptic, band-aids, cotton balls, disposable gloves, car sickness tablets, pain relief, tweezers, and scissors)
  • A couple of self-tested retractable umbrellas and cheap poncho raincoats
  • Towels for the drivers’ seat if you get too hot or sweaty, or to dry off
  • Pillows, cushions and travel pillows for your neck
  • Sunshade for the windscreen in hot weather when parked
  • Tissues/Kleenex, a few rags or paper towels, and trash bags
  • Pens and paper

The Essentials

Car Essentials
  • Recommended and approved sunscreens in the car and in your luggage
  • Drinking water – the more the better
  • A cooler for cool snacks and drinks
  • Any medicines you may be taking – ensure you have enough for the whole trip and some extra just in case, and have your prescription on you
  • Sunhats or hats designed to block the harsh elements
  • A pack of toilet paper, lip balm and moisturizer
  • A couple of cans of bug spray
  • A range of new batteries for any usage like the torch, and an external portable charger for all your electronics
  • All adapters, chargers, and cables for those essential gadgets and devices
  • Ensure you have a data plan with enough space to cover everything you use it for
  • Install all relevant apps on your phone including maps, emergency numbers, and guides 
  • Good quality and comfortable flip-flops, hiking boots, or other shoes specific to your journey

The Comfort

Car Personality
  • Awesome music playlist
  • Alternatively get your passengers to submit their favorite songs and put together a podcast or burn a CD old school if your car has a CD player! 
  • Professional camera for those who enjoy the art and science of getting the perfect photo
  • Travel Journal to record your adventures
  • Physical books or an E-reader containing your favorites or new titles to read
  • The latest apps for downloading movies and television shows
  • Board games, cards, video games, joke books, or make a list of driving games such as ‘Guess that Tune’ (random radio searching on the car stereo) or ‘Darkest Secrets’ (where each person reveals info about themselves no-one else would know – can be as innocent or as revealing as you want) – check out 10 Awesome Road Trip Games for Adults
  • A Mascot! Do you have a choice soft toy, hat, or quirky ornament you want to take selfies with on your road trip? 

The list is endless, so add to it what you want. Try packing as economically as possible utilizing every inch of space in your car so you have room for whatever you need on your journey. The idea is to be prepared, regardless of what life throws at you when you’re on the road. After all, you don’t want to end up at ‘Wolf Creek’ like the movie.

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