Blue Hatchback

Hatchback Heaven – Go Blue or Go Home!

This month I have the challenge of finding a great-value automatic hatchback (in fact seven to be precise) that have done less than 100,000 miles for under $10,000 with a twist – it has to come in varying shades of blue. First off though, let’s look at the meanings and representations we conjure from the actual color itself.

In nature, we think of blue skies on a sunny day, the deep blues of the sea, startling sapphire, turquoise, and topaz gemstones, even blue flowers. Madonna sang about being ‘True Blue’, Bowie sang about ‘Blue Jean’, Eiffel 65 added their own twist with ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee), and there is a whole music genre dedicated to the ‘Blues’. Blue is also a marker of trust, loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence. It brings peace and calm (except the electric or brilliant hues), and is the most popular color of denim jeans!

Onto the cars themselves. Hatchbacks are just as popular as the common SUV, perhaps even more so as they zip around the city, easily fit into all car parking spaces, and cost the least to fill up at the gas station. They are also a popular choice for single people who don’t need lots of seats in the back for children and all that comes with them.

So if you like or even have a love affair with the color ‘blue’, then read on.

2004 Volkswagen Golf GL

Blue Volkswagen Golf

This little ‘Deep Blue’ beauty has a 2.0 liter engine, extremely clean and tidy engine bay with no leaks, light tan interior with black dash, no accident damage, and only 70,822 miles on the clock. It also features cruise control, alarm system, old-school CD player, excellent condition original VW rims, and key-less entry. The only issue is some of the fabric on two of the four door cards is coming loose – but it’s an easy fix. A reliable classic for only $5,999.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Blue Ford Focus

Moving up ten years to 2014, this ‘Candy Blue’ 2.0 liter model features automatic headlights, duel climate control, backup camera, Sat-Nav, and two-tone leather interior. With a set of almost new tires, no dents or scratches, more room in the trunk, and a low 58,767 miles traveled, this car is good to go for many more miles to come at $8,495.

2012 Nissan Leaf SL

Blue Nissan Leaf

If it’s environmentally aware you’re after, then you can’t go past a Nissan Leaf with its history of reliability. This all-electric early ‘Ocean Blue’ example has aerodynamic LED headlights, a spoiler-mounted solar panel, full-color navigation, intelligent key, push-button start, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, heated front & rear seats, and a heated steering wheel. It also comes with six standard airbags, and a rear view camera. Great for city driving with only 52,919 miles on the dial, it’s a bargain for $6,995. Just think of the savings in fuel costs!  

2013 Fiat Pop

Blue Fiat Pop

Make a statement in this iconic retro classic. It comes in ‘Verde Azzurro’ which looks more like deep blue to me than green-blue. It does however pack a punch which the top-end 1.4 liter engine, dark tinted windows for added security and privacy, sunroof, and a cool duo-tone cream and grey interior with a splash of that ‘Verde Azzurro’ across the dash. You get a lot for $6495 with 82,842 miles shown. Most other models I’ve seen on the market at the moment have at least $2,000 more added for similar mileage and condition – without the sunroof!

2007 2.5 Liter Volkswagen Beetle

Blue Volkswagen Beetle

Smoothly coated in ‘Dark Blue’ with only 2 previous owners, you can expect leather seats, part sunroof and moonroof, big alloy wheels, 6-speed automatic transmission with tiptronic, anti-theft vehicle alarm system, and like the VW Golf mentioned earlier has a sumptuous light tan interior with black dash highlight. It’s a smiley little car with just 60,486 miles for only $7,799.

2011 Toyota Yaris

Blue Toyota Yaris

$6,500 will get you this super-cute wait-for-it ‘Bayou Blue Pearl’ hatchback. The color alone is worth a visit to the car dealer. Known for their reliability and low cost for used parts (if ever needed), you can’t go past this highly responsive fun-to-drive zippy car. No previous accidents, 84,426 miles, and only 2 previous owners with a clean and up-to-date service history, you couldn’t get a better ‘Bayou Blue Pearl’ example than this.   

2014 Ford Fiesta SE

Blue Ford Fiesta

It seems the stylish use of light tan interior to offset and compliment the exterior blue is a common theme with some of these cars listed. This time we are going for a ‘Metallic Blue Candy’ on the outside just for something different. Sporty alloy wheels and a rear sun visor give this hatchback the street cred it deserves. A popular option with younger buyers, car accessory stores offer a wide range of appearance enhancing and customization products. You’ll pay $8,310 for a model with 89,746 miles. Sounds good to me.

If you’re not fixated to what model car you want, but are steadfast in what color you’d like it to be, then you open up a whole smorgasbord of brands and sizes to whet your appetite. I’m sure that if I can find seven great ‘Blue’ automatic hatchbacks for under $10,000, so can you.

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