Car Club Benefits

The Benefits of Joining a Car Club

You may think car clubs are only run and followed by old guys who have old cars. Well, you may be surprised by how many cool up-and-coming clubs there are – whether in the traditional way, or getting their message out there online in various forms. It’s not only a ‘men’s only’ retirement hobby anymore, it’s a fun and informative way to enjoy your car and those who have one similar. You don’t have to be an expert to join one, and you don’t even have to own a car yet if you know what car brand you are after. There are clubs for every type of car member from Mitsubishi Lancer EVO’s and Honda Civic Type ‘R’, to Fiat 500/Abarth fanatics, European cars and Electric cars. Check out the advantages of becoming an official car-club member.

Car Club Benefits

1. Advice

Joining a group of enthusiasts who share and know specific knowledge relating to certain makes and models gives you the opportunity to learn and discover what’s best for your car (or car you’re dreaming of getting). This is usually a great platform for asking any questions as members are only too happy to offer advice – no matter how big or how small. They can also help with advice on purchasing a used car and may even go with you to check one out.

2. Support Network

Car clubs that span the country can offer the best places to go if you unexpectedly need repairs as well as link you to other members from areas you may visit on a ‘Road Trip’. Car clubs usually offer a list of recommended mechanics that specialize in certain makes and models either in your area or nationwide.

3. Discounts

Car clubs usually affiliate themselves with companies that provide discounts on a range of products from car parts and accessories, servicing, insurance providers, and special car-related events including accommodation.

Car Club Benefits

4. Socializing

 Even the shyest of people can join a car club and decide how much they want to participate or not. I know of a young man who came out of his shell after meeting a fellow member to discuss cars, and now helps to organize special ‘Meets’ for the club. This is also an excellent opportunity to show other members your own car and get some advice or feedback on how you could improve what you’ve got or make new friends that can meet up outside the club. Some clubs such as a 1950’s car club get up in outfits of the time and drive to diners, drive-in movies, or go bowling – pastimes that were popular back in the day. You never know – you may just meet that someone special.

5. Road Trips

Part of being an exclusive member is being able to partake in various ‘road trips’ either across the U.S., visiting places of interest around your own state, or just getting out into the country and checking into a café for lunch. This can be a great way of showing off not only your own car, but also any period-related outfit such as what was worn in the decade or the movie your car features.

Car Club Benefits

6. Variety

While you still have the traditional classic car clubs, there are also clubs for modified cars, street-racers, 4×4 off-roaders, and ‘Shagggin’ Wagons’ (panel vans such as the 1988 Ford E-150 Conversion Van featuring brightly colored artwork on the outside and luxurious plush comfort on the inside).

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