Car Wrap

Pros and Cons of Car Wraps

A car wrap is an awesome way of changing or updating the look of your car, and the flexibility of having a part or total wrap is up to you and your imagination, but just how great are they? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing to go with a car wrap.

Car Wrap

The Pros

* You can choose your own unique design or choose from thousands of cool templates

* Quality car wraps can protect your cars original paintwork from the sun’s harmful UV rays, tree resin, bird poop, and minor imperfections such as small abrasions and light scratches

* It’s a cost-effective way to produce a unique, external look to your car rather than fully re-painting

* It is relatively easy to peel off and replace if you get bored with the current design

* Premium wraps can last between five and seven years if you take care of them

* Car wraps generally take two to three days to adhere and set properly compared to weeks for a complete repaint

* Great to protect your paintwork until you decide to sell the car

Car Wrap

Car wrapping is a three stage process.

1. Design

This is where your creative juices can flow once the exact measurements of the car are taken. Whether you’re planning on designing your own graphic or choosing from a wide selection, you can add colors and finishes that set your design apart from the others. Professional staff can help you with any design queries or direction as part of the pre-wrap process.

2. Production

Next is a dual-layer involving the printing, then laminating of the vinyl. This ensures a protective layer against UV rays and light abrasions.

3. Application/Installation

This is where the wrap is applied to the vehicle, transforming it from bland to breathtaking.

Car Wrap

The Cons

* If you choose a partial wrap, be aware that the exposed paintwork will fade quicker than the wrapped area over a period of time

* If poorly fitted (or done on the cheap), the vinyl may have bubbling, small nicks, or cracks which let in and trap rain or washing water causing rust

* The cheaper the materials, the thinner they are which can cause blistering and ragged edges that start peeling

* A wrapped car can be a target for vandals wanting to key (scratch) the side of the car – especially cars wrapped in gold, silver, or a mirrored finish

* Do not use on cars with existing rust, flaking paint, or damage – it will not fix the problem, only make it worse

* Cheap car wraps can end up damaging your existing paintwork by sticking to and peeling paint when removed

* You will have to alert your insurance company and inform The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which can be a long-winded process

Car Wrap
Car Wrap

It is essential to get a professional to fit the wrap. The car needs to be prepared first, and the professional can do all that. We’ve all seen dodgy window tints where bubbling occurs, the same can happen with car wraps. Take care of your car wrap so it lasts longer. Make sure you remove any bird poop as soon as it appears, as the acidity will quickly fade and discolor the wrap, and eat through to the original paintwork. But just think of how great and how cool a personalized decal would look on your car.

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