Road Trip Emergency

Top 15 Road Trip Emergency Essentials

Planning a road trip takes a fair bit of thinking. It’s not just chucking some clothes and shoes into the back and driving off into the sunset. While everyone has their own ‘stuff’ to take, there are some items everyone should consider when planning their ultimate road trip in case of a breakdown, changing weather conditions or accidents.

Road Trip Emergency

1. Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Always keep a torch and batteries stored together handy in case of emergency at night or dark stormy conditions. Make sure you have new batteries inserted and put aside for the trip.

2. Food & Water

Take bottled water, dried foods such as crackers and dried fruit, tinned foods such as beans, fruit and tuna with a ring-pull lid, protein bars and packet foods like sultanas and prunes. Stay away from nuts, potato crisps and other foods that can dehydrate you.

3. Keep Warm

No matter what the weather conditions, stock up on blankets, sleeping bags, and/or onesies to help combat extreme weather conditions.

4. Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife

You never know what tool you’ll need in an emergency, so a tiny tool kit like a pocket knife might just save your life. There are different types, so think about what you’d need each part for, and get the one with the most useable parts.

5. Reflective Triangles or Cones

Great for letting other motorists know that you’re broken down, to either go around or stop to see if you are alright. They are especially handy in the dead of night.

6. First Aid Kit

This maybe obvious, but do your homework to see which kit will suit your needs best – or make your own. There are many different kinds of kits ranging from ‘Camping Safety Kits’ and ‘Adventure Medical Kits’, through to ‘Pet’s First Aid Kits’ if you’re taking your dog along for the ride.

7. Fire Extinguisher

This is really handy in case of any fire hazard – whether it’s from the car or a camp fire that has gotten out of hand. If you encounter a wild dog, a blast from the fire extinguisher can act as a deterrent.  

8. Jumper Cables

You never know when your car will need help starting to get you to the nearest town, and having the tools to help when a motorist stops to help you will eliminate the need to ask if they have any jumper cables.

Road Trip Emergency

9. Old School Road Map

Wherever you travel to, it always pays to have a road map of the area you will be covering as you never know when the phone signal is lost, your phone runs out of charge, your car dies including the satellite navigation, or you have to go by foot to find help.

10. Duct Tape

Whether you have a prang and your bumpers hanging down, or you need to quickly repair your shoes that have unglued or gotten a hole, duct tape can come in handy for any eventuality.

11. Bug Spray

Insects love fresh skin, so defend yourself to the end!!! Depending which part of the country you are going to be traveling, you may need bear spray or snake repellent as well.

12. Sunblock

Goes without saying – get the larger size just in case you’re stuck for a few days or get lost trying to find help. A sun-shade for the car windscreen is a good idea also to reflect the heat and damaging rays of the sun.

13. Whistle

Great for a loud pitched sound so alert someone who’s in striking range. Especially if you decide to go for help and get stranded. They can help repel black bears, but not all bears.

Road Trip Emergency

14. Hat

This goes hand in hand with sunblock to stop the harmful rays from damaging your skin. Don’t just take a baseball cap, take a hat with a wide rim around the circumference to protect your neck as well. Looks and vanity won’t get you far in the desert.

15. Towels and Rags

An essential part of your trip should be plenty of rags and towels. You never know when you’ll need one as a tourniquet. Towels are also handy as shade shelters for your head and shoulders, to use as a fresh face cloth when dampened, and for blocking up any leaks coming into the car.

The best way to survive and set your mind at rest is to be prepared for any eventuality so you can enjoy your road trip knowing you have the means to cope.

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